2020 Was a Rough Year For Us All

The shop started with the intentions to expand hastily and I think that we have started to dive deep into the local and Etsy markets hoping to create a product that will be high quality while also reasonably priced. 2020 was a tough year for all of us and many of us had major changes in our lives one way or another. I wanted to embrace this idea very heavily because it allows the creative part of our minds to really create and develop items that we find interest in while having a separation from the school side of life where it's mostly analytical and lacks creativity. Trying to start up a business is a very daunting thing, you never know how things may turn out but we wanted to take that risk to see how well we would do if we truly put 100% into developing and researching many ideas and doing extensive reading into how Etsy actually works and finding all of the best ways to get better exposure to the public while trying to minimize the time spent to actually sell our items so we can rotate out the items that don't seem to be working that well. We appreciate all of our customers/supporters that help us create and develop products that people enjoy :) Thank you guys!

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